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Nagybereny village is located in close vicinity to the south shore of the Lake Balaton, only 15 km from the M7 motorway and Siofok city – the “Capitol of the Lake Balaton”.




Planned Project Concept

Execution and management of a complex real estate project on the site of 238,000 m2. The project is based on the onsite thermal water well and the close proximity of Lake Balaton as well as on the various features of the surrounding area. The project is aiming for a viable business function throughout the whole year.
The outstanding feature of the real estate is the thermal-water well with certification for medical treatments (registration number and name: B8, “Jozsef medical water”). The permitted pumping capacity is 120 m³/day and the temperature of the water is 40.6 °C. The thermal water is proved to be suitable for medical treatments, especially for the healing of “psoriasis”, but also suitable for the therapy of rheumatic and gynaecological problems.


Elements of Project


Hotel *** (Hotel ****)

With the renovation and extension of the main building it can be a 3 or 4 stars Hotel with 37 rooms (30 double rooms and 7 apartments) and also including a fully fitted kitchen and restaurant and a thermal spa with separate wellness and medical sections.  


Wellness Spa

It is planned to be developed as a feature of the Hotel, but would be accessible from the other elements of the Project.
The Spa is divided into three units:
    – internal sauna block with a separate rest room
    – thermal pools
    – adventure and jacuzzi pools (common rest room with the thermal pools)


Medical Treatments

The separate therapeutic section would have access from the reception area of the Spa and it will include doctor’s consulting rooms, treatment rooms and thermal water pools.



With the renovation of the existing pension building it can serve as a budget accommodation with 14 units (11 double rooms and 3 apartments) and also including a restaurant with fitted kitchen.
On the basis of the development plans for the renovation and expansion of the existing two buildings, the subject site can provide a surplus development area of 19,609 m2. The site is served with all public utilities.

The Project holds a valid Building Permit. Detailed development documentation is available for the planned project.



Total area of the site totals 209,837 m2. The site has been divided into 132 residential parcels and 4 larger sites for commercial functions.
In the course of the division evolved
– 132 pcs residential site, total area: 118,793 m2
– internal roads
– 4 pcs site in mixed zone (commercial, service, sport), total area: 17.400 m2
– site of a lake – this site also can hold certain developments – of the total area: 46,976 m2
Public utilities
– main water pipe network has been built
– sewage and rainwater pipe network has been built
– electricity underground cable network has been built
– fire-water main pipe network has been built

Business Model of Project

– Long-term operation and management of the hotel and the pension – extension to total 100 rooms is possible.
– Sale off the 132 residential sites and 4 commercial sites.
– Development and management of a thermal bath and spa open for tourists for the whole year. This is to be developed on the surplus site area of the project and would be the main attraction of the project.


– Connecting the Project to the Regional Development Plan of Lake Balaton
– Availability of EU and National development subsidies
The Siofok-Kiliti Airport has a grass landing field that is able to receive private airplanes and helicopters. The airport has a shuttle-bus service for transporting guests to the hotels. The building of the hard-cover of the landing field will start at autumn 2017.
The HEVIZ-Balaton Airport is located 84 km from Siofok. There are direct flights from Germany (Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin) and from Russia (Moscow).
The proximity of the Lake Balaton and Siofok, the main touristic spot of the area on one hand, and the calm and rural surroundings with the thermal Spa and the availability of various recreational activities – walking, biking, horse riding, hunting etc. – on the other hand provides excellent opportunities for the Project.


  Parts of the property




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The price of property project is: 2,000,000 €